Discovering André Caplet

One intensely involved special interest of mine is discovering, evaluating and — often — enjoying the music of classical composers who haven’t a gotten a fair shake in terms of posterior reputation. For those anti-posterior composers — present company included — it is hard enough to make any headway in a world which no longer […]

Preliminary Ohio Entertainment Superlist

This evening (8-13-2014) I am to present an overview on Cincinnati recording and entertainment history. This list began as a Cincinnati list only and I experimentally added the information and formatting in regard to historic regions elsewhere in Ohio, mainly as a demonstration for someone looking for a more expanded, statewide review. To my profound […]

Rody sings Sankey: An appreciation of one of the finest Rainbow records

Recently I discovered entries for Homer Rodeheaver releases in the 3800 Silvertone series that I wasn’t aware of, which led me to take a new look at several of the Silvertone 3800s that I have. Silvertone was a 25 cent label operated by the Sears Roebuck Co. of Chicago and sold through their mail order […]

Son of Homer Wanted!

Son of Homer Wanted! by Uncle Dave Lewis Homer Rodeheaver (1880-1955) was the single most important figure in sacred music recording in the acoustic era. He wouldn’t have claimed that though; instead, he would have deferred to Henry Burr, whom among his multi-multitudinous recording activity from 1902-1930 made a concerted and detectable effort towards making […]


HOMER: WANTED! by Uncle Dave Lewis For the past 15 years, I have been working hard to catalog and assess Homer Rodeheaver’s recordings and recording activity, heavily concentrated in — but not exclusively limited to — the field of early sacred recordings. Of course, along with this research, I had assemebled a small, but meaningful, […]

A Preliminary Billy Golden Discography

There are those who would wonder why anyone would bother with documenting the work and career of Billy Golden (1858-1926). Golden is seen in some quarters as representing everything that’s repellent and socially unacceptable in the early phonograph industry; a racial pariah whose work amounts to no more than serial abuse of African-Americans. However, I […]