Preliminary Ohio Entertainment Superlist

This evening (8-13-2014) I am to present an overview on Cincinnati recording and entertainment history. This list began as a Cincinnati list only and I experimentally added the information and formatting in regard to historic regions elsewhere in Ohio, mainly as a demonstration for someone looking for a more expanded, statewide review. To my profound embarrassment, this is the state the list is in for now, but I need it in a web accessible form for my talk. Please feel free to add entries or comment, as long as your comment is not along the lines of accusing me of being a Cincinnati-centric snob. This is a work in progress, one that will remain in progress for years. — Uncle Dave Lewis

Superlist of Ohio Entertainment

Region I Cincinnati: Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Brown, Adams, Clinton, Highland. Major
cities: Cincinnati, Hamilton, Lebanon, Oxford, Middletown, Wilmington

11000 Switches (1980-1988) key artpunk band, morphed into electronics mid-80s, Hospital
2 of Clubs (fl. 1966-1969) girl garage band duo, Fraternity
Peter Aaron, singer, guitarist, leader of The Chrome Cranks, founded in Cincinnati, 1989
Danny Adler (b. 1949) blues singer, guitarist The Roogalator, Stiff Records
Afghan Whigs (1986-2001; reformed) national act, Subpop, Elektra and later Sony contract
Eddie Albert (1906-2005) actor, WLW
The Ambushers (fl. 1972) Fred Leonard and George Thompson, Counterpart
James L. Andem (1869-1930) head of Ohio Phonograph Company
Charlie Alexander (1890-1970) jazz pianist, worked with Louis Armstrong
The Amoebamen (ca. 1988-90) heavy metal/punk group headed by Jason Gnarr
Lou Anderson, tuba player, jazz musician, entrepreneur
Ass Ponys (1988-2005) alt.rock group, Okra, A&M Records, Shake It
The Auburnaires (1982-1990?) popular local group with Jim Cole & Forrest Bivens
The Bad Seeds (fl. 1972) Erlanger, KY based psych band, Columbia
Bernd Baierdschmidt (1938-1984) record store manager, Kidd’s, Newberry, Mole’s
Marty Balin (b. 1942) singer, songwriter with Jefferson Airplane/Starship
Balderdash (1970-73) progressive group, opened for Zappa & Steppenwolf
Theda Bara (1890-1955) silent film actress
Red Barber (1908-1992) broadcaster, WLW
Delbert Barker (b. 1932) singer, King, Rite, local TV
David “Bart” Bartholomew (1927-2012) broadcaster, historian
Kathleen Battle, operatic soprano, CCM grad, New World Records
Dan Beddoe (1863-1937) tenor, CCM educator, Rainbow, English Columbia
Beef (1977-1979) the first Cincinnati punk band, played WAIF
Leon “Bix” Beiderbecke (1903-1931) jazz cornetist/pianist, member of The Original Wolverines
Adrian Belew (b. 1949) guitarist, member of King Crimson, The Bears
Herman Bellstedt, (1858-1926) composer, educator, cornet virtuoso
Johnny Bench (b. 1945) Reds catcher, would-be singer
Boyd Bennett (1924-2002) singer, bandleader, King Records
Eddie Bennett, (deceased) singer, trombonist, WLWT, Fun Bunch
Fred Bennignus, (deceased) radio personality, “Camp Meeting,” WGUC
Matt Berninger (b. 1971) lead singer, The National
Andy Biersack (b. 1990) lead singer, Black Veil Brides, SCPA alum
The Bittersweets (1965-69) all girl band from Dayton, briefly resident in Cincinnati
The Black Watch (1966-69) psych band, very popular, recorded, but never issued
Blackearth Percussion Ensemble (1974-1980) CCM-based ensemble, later PGC, Opus One
Blacklight Braille (1980-1987) studio band, successor to Bitter Blood, Vetco
Bitter Blood Street Theater (fl. 1970-76) psychedelic group, Mt. Adams, Vetco
Emery Blades (b. 1928) rockabilly singer & songwriter; Ruby, Arvis labels
Blanco Nombre [and the Babettes] (1983-1992), surf band with later female singers
Darren Blase, founder of Shake It record store, record exec
Blaze (i) (fl. 1975) soul group, Epic Records
Blaze (ii) (fl. 1986-89) cover band, led by Christopher Mark Lewis, Sudsy Malone’s
Philip P. Bliss (1836-1876) Gospel composer, briefly based in Cincinnati
The Blue Dells aka The Bluedells (1966-69) psych band, Starfire Records
Blue Wisp Jazz Band (b. ca. 1975) big band, in house group at Blue Wisp
Tiny Bradshaw (1907-1958) composer, singer, pianist, King Records
Bonnie Lou (b. 1924) singer, entertainer, WLWT, King Records
Bovine Militia (fl. 1985-87) alt.folk combo led by J.R.
Bobby Borchers (b. 1952) country singer, Epic Records, Playboy Records
Jim Borgman (b. 1954) cartoonist
Ed Bosken, entrepreneur, co-founder of QCA
Jim Bosken, engineer, QCA
Lee Bosken, entrepreneur, co-founder of QCA
Earl Bostic (1913-1965) saxophonist, bandleader, King Records
BPA (b. 1981) legendary local alt.rock group
Marty Brennaman (b. 1942) sportscaster, retired voice of the Reds Radio Network
Bob Braun (1929-2001) singer, many records, host for WLWT, radio personality
Mike Breen, journalist, CityBeat
David Rhodes Brown, guitarist, The Attitude, Warsaw Falcons, Rabbit Hash Festival founder
Frank Brown (1931-1984) jazz trumpeter, entrepreneur
James Brown (1933-2006) the “Godfather of Soul,” King Records
Alan Browning, WKRC radio host
Bruce Brownfield, bandleader Paul Dixon show
Bucking Strap (1987-90), country group headed by Anna Scala
Gary Burbank, WLW radio host
Carl Burkhardt, entrepreneur, founder of Rite Records
Joe Busam, WMKV producer, collector, historian
Jerry Byrd, steel guitarist, WLW, WCKY, recorded at Herzog
Eddie Byron, creator of “Moon River” WLW
Reggie Calloway, soul musician, Midnight Star, Calloway
Vincent Calloway, soul musician, Midnight Star, Calloway
Una Mae Carlisle (1915-1956) singer, pianist, WLW
Carload of Sheep, group
Harry Carlson, songwriter, producer, founder of Fraternity Records
Theodore “Wingie” Carpenter (1898-1975) jazz trumpeter with Zack Whyte
Cathy Carr (1936-1988) singer, Fraternity, Coral, Smash etc., never resident
Ruth Carrell (1909-1992) songwriter, wife of Jimmie Dodd
Mel Carter (b. 1943) singer, actor, Imperial Records
The Casinos, vocal group, national hit with “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”
CCM Philharmonia, resident symphony orchestra of CCM
George Chakiris (b. 1934) actor, dancer
Chalk (fl. 1995) key experimental rock group with Dave Rohs
Jerry Chambers (d. 2012) bassist, Dennis the Menace
Randy Cheek, multi-instrumentalist, member of Dream 286, Ass Ponys, Fairmount Girls
David T. Chastain (b. 1963) heavy metal/Christian guitarist; CJSS, SPIKE
Mark Chenault (d. 2010) drummer, The Auburnaires, The Erector Set, others
Herman Chittison (1908-1967) jazz pianist, started with Chocolate Beau Brummels
Chocolate Beau Brummels (fl. 1929-30) black jazz band led by Zach Whyte, Gennett
Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra (fl. 1924-25) jazz band, early broadcaster, Gennett, Okeh
Cincinnati Joe (deceased) and Mad Lydia, psychedelic duo, River Witch
Cincinnati Jug Band (fl. 1929) group led by Bob & Walter Coleman, Paramount
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, (b. 1895) America’s third oldest symphony body
Chuck Cleaver, singer-songwriter, Gomez, Wussy, Ass Ponys
Fausto Cleva (1902-1971) music director, Zoo Summer Opera 1934-1963, CCSO 1947-1951
Betty Clooney (1931-1976) singer, WLW, member of Clooney Sisters
George Clooney (b. 1961) actor, director, WKRCT personality (in adolescence)
Nick Clooney (b. 1935) singer, TV host, newsman, WCPO & WKRCT
Nina Clooney, WKRCT personality
Rosemary Clooney (1928-2002) jazz singer, actress, member of Clooney sisters
The Clooney Sisters (1944-1950) Rosemary & Betty, with Tony Pastor, Columbia Records
Bob Coleman (1906-1966) blues singer, Paramount/Decca Records
Walter Coleman (1911-1937) blues singer, Paramount/Decca Records
Cal Collins (1933-2001) jazz guitarist, Benny Goodman Sextet
William “Bootsy” Collins (b. 1951) bassist, singer, member of JBs, Parliament-Funkadelic
Lloyd Estal “Cowboy” Copas (1913-1963) singer, WLW, WKRC, King Records
Croatan (b. 1991) hard artpunk band, fronted by Jenny Zeilman
Powel Crosley, Jr. (1886-1961) inventor, entrepreneur, father of WLW & Crosley Broadcasting
Crossword Smile, rock group
Bernie Cummins, jazz bandleader, Gennett
John Curley, bassist Afghan Whigs, Len’s Lounge, Fists of Love, co-founder/owner Ultrasuede
The Customs (ca. 1980-82) alt.rock group, predecessor to The Auburnaires, Shake It
William M. Daly (1887-1936) composer, Broadway conductor, worked with George Gershwin
Jerry Daniels (1915-1995) tenor, guitarist, WLW, future Ink Spot
Gustave Dannreuther (1853-1923) violinist, founder of the Dannreuther Quartet
Jim “Jimmy D” Davidson, guitarist, entrepreneur, member The Buddy Bradley Experience
Dave Davis, singer, guitarist, engineer QCA, co-founder Ultrasuede, The All Night Party
Rev. W.D. Davis, singer, preacher, local broadcaster
Wild Bill Davison (1906-1989) jazz trumpeter, member of Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra
Doris Day (b. 1923) singer, actress, sang with Barney Rapp, WLW; later, movie/TV star
J. Walter De Vaux (1892-1952) Masonic organist, record exec, composer
Vivienne Della Chiesa (1915-2009) opera singer, WLWT
The Delmore Brothers, Alton (1908-1964) and Rabon (1916-1952), King Records, WLW
Dementia Precox (1980-1990) Dayton-based industrial group headed by Gyn Cameron (d. 2011)
The Dents (1978-80) pioneering New Wave/punk band fronted by Vivian Vinyl
Devil Nut Mother Hole (fl.1985-1990) large, loud and theatrical rock group
Diatomaceous Ooze (fl. 1989-91) Oxford-based experimental band, recorded at Ulatrasuede
William E. Dickinson, educator, co-founder SCPA, discredited in scandal
Jim Dine (b 1935) painter, sculptor, first tier Pop Artist
William Howard Doane (1832-1915) industrialist, hymn composer, instrument collector
Carl Dobkins, Jr. (b. 1941) singer, Fraternity Records
Doc and the Pods (1983-199?), good-time new wave band, led by Bryce Rhude
Jimmie Dodd (1910-1964) actor, songwriter, WLW
Bill Doggett (1916-1996) organist, bandleader, King Records
Mel Doherty, bandleader and very early WLW, French Bauer Record
Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods (fl. 1972) rock band, national hit
Paul Dixon (1918-1974) disc jockey, Cincinnati TV host, comedy pioneer
Greg Dulli, singer/guitarist Afghan Whigs, The Twilight Singers, The Gutter Twins
George Duning (1908-2000) film composer, CCM alum
Frank Duveneck (1848-1919) portrait painter, graphic artist, Art Academy professor
Therese Edell (deceased) folk singer, songwriter, activist
The Edge (1984-1991) punk band led by Victor Garcia-Rivera
Thomas Alva Edison (1842-1931) playback inventor, telegrapher in Cincinnati 1862-69
Carl Edmondson, songwriter, producer, Fraternity
Carmen Electra, actress, cable TV personality, SCPA alum
Anita Ellis (b. 1920) singer, WLW
William Lee Ellis, gospel blues singer & guitarist, son of Tony Ellis
Brother Claude Ely (1922-1978) Gospel singer & preacher, broadcaster, King, Jewel Records
Mike Enright, artist, Ed Davis Band, We’re Just Like You
The Erector Set (fl. 1984) local group
George Evans (b. 1963) jazz singer, active in Canada, SCPA alum
Betty Everett, soul singer, recorded by James Brown
Melissa Fairmount, singer, organist with Fairmount Girls, Murkins
Fairmount Girls (b. 1997) longstanding alt.rock group, Deary Me
Burt Farber (deceased), Society dance band leader, composer of “Fountain Square”
Henry Farny (1847-1916) painter and illustrator
Dee Felice (deceased), jazz drummer, entrepreneur, WNOP broadcaster
H-Bomb Ferguson (1929-2006) blues singer & pianist, King, Prestige
Henry Fillmore (1881-1956) march composer, publisher & bandleader
Eddie Fingers, WEBN radio personality
Ira Joe Fisher (b. 1947) WRKCT host, meteorologist
Frank Foster (1928-2011) bandleader, arranger, took over Count Basie band
Stephen Foster (1824-1864) songwriter, in Cincinnati 1846-49; “O Susanna”
Peter Frampton (b. 1950) singer, guitarist, resettled in Cincinnati area, national act
Harry Frankel aka “Singin’ Sam” (1888-1948) singer, WLW, Gennett/Decca Records
Freddy and the Water Shortage, band
Jane Froman (1907-1980) singer, actress, WLW, Victor Records
Earl Fuller (1885-1947) bandleader & composer, popular recording artist in 1917-1919
The Fun Bunch, fraternity of WLWT performers centered in the 50-50 Club
Charlie Fuqua (1910-1971) baritone, guitarist, WLW, future Ink Spot
Leslie Isaiah Gaines, blues singer, funeral home director
Al Gandee (1900-1943) trombonist, member of The Original Wolverines
Oscar Gandy, (deceased) jazz musician and educator, SCPA
Jani Gardner, WKRCT personality, hostess
Michael Gielen (b. 1927) composer, music director CCSO 1980-1986
Q. Reed Ghazala, composer, inventor, father of circuit bending
Jay Gilbert, WEBN radio personality, producer, founder of Fifth Floor
Haven Gillespie (1888-1975) composer, entrepreneur
Henry Glover (1921-1991) composer, arranger, King Records producer
Jane Glover, educator, wife of Henry Glover
Billy Golden aka William B. Shires (1858-1926) minstrel entertainer, pioneer recording artist
David Goldsmith, writer, producer for television and Broadway, SCPA alum
Eugene Goossens (1893-1963) composer, music director CCSO 1931-1946
Goshorn Bros., Danny and Larry, members of The Sacred Mushroom and Pure Prairie League
Peter Grant (deceased), newscaster, personality WLWT, Fun Bunch
Elaine Green, newscaster, WCPOT
Janet Greene (b. 1930) singer, WCPOT personality, Christian activist originally from Hamilton
The Greenhornes (b. 1989) alt.rock group, V2 Records
The Ken Hacker Society (fl. 1974) pop group
David Hagedorn, “Luthor the Geek,” singer of Daddy, Devil Nut Mother Hole
Milt Hall (fl. 1897-1909), ragtime composer, possibly Cincinnati resident
Doug Hallet, keyboards The Dents, Latex Theatre, Dream 286, Danse Macabre
Joe Hamm, drummer for Dream 286, Buddy Bradley Experience
Darrell Handel, composer, CCM educator
Wynonie Harris (1915-1969), singer, King Records
Wayne Hartman, engineer, co-founder of Group Effort
The Healing System (1989-2008) free jazz ensemble headed by Victor Buttram (d. 2008)
Heartless Bastards, national alt.rock act headed by Erika Wennerstrom
Pat Hennessey, guitarist for The Thangs, Fairmount Girls
Robert Henri (1865-1929) painter, leading figure in the Ashcan school
The Hi-Watts, band
Jess Hirbe, manager, Mole’s Record Exchange
E.T. “Bucky” Herzog, engineer, co-founder of Herzog studio, WLW
Joel Hoffman, composer, current head of CCM
Libby Holman (1904-1971) torch singer, Broadway star
Beth Holzer-Wilson, singer, leader Lovely Crash, ex-Fairmount Girls
John Lee Hooker (1916-2010) Gospel singer & guitarist, resident 1938-1948
Waite Hoyt (1899-1984) sportscaster, Cincinnati Reds, King Records
T. Scott Huston (deceased), composer, Ives editor, Dean of CCM
Miles Ingram, founder Subway Records, host “No More White Gloves,” WAIF
Iovae, industrial musician, Art Damage Foundation co-founder, WAIF host
The Isley Brothers (b. 1954) soul group, founded in Cincinnati, moved to New Jersey
Jack Ison, experimental musician, Recollectio
Ivan and the Sabers/Sixth Day Creation (1960-1972) garage band, Counterpart etc.
Alex Jackson and his Plantation Orchestra (fl. 1927) black jazz band, Gennett
Paavo Järvi (b. 1962) CCSO music director 2001-2011
Little Willie John (1937-1968) soul singer, King Records
Arthur V. Johnson (1876-1916) silent film actor and director
Carl Johnson, organist, radio performer
Thor Johnson (1913-1975) music director CCSO 1951-1958, Remington Records
Jennifer Jolley, composer, CCM professor, co-founder NANOworks opera
Bob Jones, WKRC radio & TV host
Louis Marshall “Grandpa” Jones (1913-1998) singer, King Records, WLW
Orville “Hoppy” Jones (1902-1944), bass, bassist, WLW, future Ink Spot
Jane Jordan, bassist & singer for The Jane Band, Murkins, Fairmount Girls
Joe Jordan (1882-1971) ragtime and broadway show composer, pianist
Junta (fl. 1983-86) theatrical and important new wave group, Deary Me
John N. Khlor (1869-1956) band composer, published by Church
Owen Knight, singer, saw player, Bitter Blood, Blacklight Braille
Rich King, WKRC radio host
Durward Kirby (1911-2000) actor, TV personality
Chris Koltay, producer, engineer Ultrasuede; now in Detroit MI
Jonathan Kramer (deceased), composer, CCM professor, annotator New York Philharmonic
Ernst Kunwald (1868-1939) music director CCSO, 1912-1917, Columbia Records
Erich Kunzel (1935-2009) music director of the Cincinnati Pops, prolific Telarc artist
Ed Labunski (d. 1979) producer, Fraternity, collaborator with Lonnie Mack
Felix Labunski (1899-1979) composer, educator
Drew Lachey, singer, SCPA alum
Nick Lachey, actor, singer, SCPA alum
Henry Lange (1896-1990), pianist, composer, bandleader, Gennett, Edison
LaSalle Quartet (1946-1987) resident at CCM, recorded for DGG
Cliff Lash (deceased), pianist, leader 50/50 club band, Fun Bunch
Katie Laur, bluegrass singer
The Lemon Pipers (1966-1969) psychedelic pop band from Oxford, OH
James Levine (b. 1943) asst conductor CCSO, music director Boston Symphony
“Uncle” Al Lewis (1926-2009) children’s TV host, WCPOT
Lennie Lewis (fl. 1945) bandleader, Queen Records
Wanda “Captain Windy” Lewis, children’s TV host, WCPOT
The Libertines US aka The Rituals (b. 1984) alt.rock band, led by Walt Hodge, Day One
Lu Linden, drummer, Bitter Blood Street Theatre, Qi-ZZ, Dementia Precox
Scott Lindroth, composer, educator, CRI, Centaur Records
Janis Crystal Lipzin, singer, The Attitude, filmmaker, performance artist
Little Jack Little (1899-1956) singer, WLW
Jesús López-Cobos (b. 1940) music director CCSO 1986-2000
Frank Lovejoy (1912-1962) actor, WLW
Love Cowboys/Liquid Hippos (fl. 1982-85) originally from Oxford, forerunner to Afghan Whigs
George B. Luks (1867-1933) painter, cartoonist, figure within the Ashcan School
Lunch Buddies (fl. 1982-83) Chuck Cleaver’s first band, with Walt Hodge & Dan Kliengers
Ralph Lyford (1882-1927) CCM head, Summer Opera founder & director 1920-1927
Stan Lynch (b. 1955) drummer for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Ruth Lyons (1908-1989) singer, composer, WLW exec, mother of talk show format
Lonnie Mack (b. 1941) guitarist, Fraternity, Alligator, national act
Major Morgan and the Wastebaskets (fl. 1985) experimental group with Corbett Stepp
Mana-Zucca (1885-1981) composer, singer, actress
Charles Manson (b. 1934) singer, conman, mass murderer
Manwitch aka Fix Me a Sandwich (1985-87) influential, noisy rock band fronted by Lara Allen
Artie Matthews (1880-1958) composer, educator, founder of Cosmopolitan Conservatory
Winsor McCay (1869-1934) cartoonist, creator of Little Nemo, pioneer animator
Smilin’ Ed McConnell (1882-1954) broadcaster, WLW
Dave McCoy, WLWT, member of Fun Bunch, discredited in scandal
Jerry McGeorge (b. 1945) guitarist with Shadows of Knight, HP Lovecraft
Marion McKay, jazz bandleader, Gennett
Big Jay McNeeley (b. 1924) jazz saxophonist, King Records
Mike Martini, WVXU producer, radio historian
Terry Melcher (1942-2004) producer, arranger, singer, son of Doris Day
Middlemarch (fl. 1989-90) group with Wesley Pence, Chris Rogers, played Sudsy’s
Ray Miller (ca. 1895- after 1930) bandleader
Donald Mills (1915-1999) singer with The Mills Brothers
Harry Mills (1913-1982) singer with The Mills Brothers
Herbert Mills (1912-1989) singer and guitarist with The Mills Brothers
John Mills, Jr. (1910-1936) lead singer of The Mills Brothers
The Mills Brothers (1928-1936) vocal group from Piqua, WLW
Mr. Dibbs aka Brad Forste, turntablist, hip hop artist
The Modulators (ca. 1978-2010?) longstanding local party band
The Monitor Boys, singing duo, early WLW, Gennett
The Mortals (fl. 1986-90) latter-day psych band headed by Steve Gatch
Ed Moss, jazz pianist, entrepreneur
The Mudlarks, group featuring Lamb, Jimmy D, Todd Witt
Moon Mullican (1909-1967) singer, pianist, non-resident western swing/rock pioneer, King
Dan Murphy, engineer, co-founder of Group Effort Sound Studios
Larry Nager, bluegrass musician, journalist, historian
Conlon Nancarrow (1912-1997) composer, CCM alum, ex-pat player piano avant-gardist
Nebulagirl, composer, chemist, graphic artist, circuit bender
Bill Nimmo (1917-2011) actor, TV and radio personality, WLW perfomer
Syd Nathan (1904-1968) entrepreneur, founder of King Records
Sam Nation (d. 2010) guitarist, The Thirteens
The New Lime, garage band from N. Ky., Counterpart
Rebecca Shepard Reed Nichols (1819-1903) lyricist, poet
Brian Niesz, guitarist, engineer/producer at The All Night Party, Ultrasuede and WOXY
Nocturne Lament, group
Dick Noel aka Ken Richards, singer, WLW, Fraternity
Shawn Norton, engineer
Joe Nuxhall (1928-2007) sportscaster, on the Reds Radio Network with Marty Brennaman
Ricky Nye, blues pianist, member The Raisins
Bob Nyswonger, bassist, The Raisins, The Bears
James Francis Patrick O’Neill, WLW radio host
Shad O’Shea (1936-2001), record exec, country music gadfly, head of Fraternity Records
Annie Oakley (1860-1926) record setting sharpshooter, very early motion picture actress
Sy Oliver (1910-1988) pianist, bandleader, arranger, started with the Chocolate Beau Brummels
The Original Wolverines (1922-1925) seminal jazz band, established in Hamilton/Cincinnati
Allen Otte, percussionist, CCM professor, member of Blackearth and PGC
The Outcasts, psych group from Ashland, Ky.
Richard F. Outcault (1863-1928) cartoonist, father of comic strip
Over the Rhine (b. 1989) instrumentalist Linford Detweiler and vocalist Karin Bergquist
Cleveland Page, pianist, pedagogue, former CCM professor
Patti Page (1924-2013) singer, hit “Detour” recorded at Herzog in 1950
Sarah Jessica Parker, actress, producer, SCPA alum
Hank Penny (1918-1992) singer, songwriter, King Records, WLW
Percussion Group Cincinnati (b. 1980) CCM ensemble, headed by Allen Otte
W.C. Peters (1805-1866) composer, music publisher
Philip Phillips (1834-1895) pioneering evangelist, Gospel songwriter & publisher
Janette Pierce, singer/guitarist/songwriter Latex Theatre, Dream 286, Danse Macabre
The Poppin’ Wheelies, group
Tyrone Power (1914-1958) actor
Frank Powers (1931-2004) jazz clarinetist, arranger and historian
Frank Proto (b. 1941) composer, double bassist with CCSO 1967-1998
Pure Prairie League (b. 1970) country rock group, formed in Waverly
Kenny Price (1931-1987) country singer, entertainer, Boone, Fraternity, WLWT
Ragamuffin Brave, group
The Raisins (1978-1988) rock group fronted by Rob Fetters; also Bob Nyswonger, Bam Powell
Teddy Rakel, arranger, composer associated with 50/50 Club
Wayne Raney (1921-1993) singer, songwriter, studio & label head
Barney Rapp (1900-1970) bandleader, booking agent, talent scout
Belinda Rawlins, host “Bubbles in the Think Tank,” WAIF
The Ready Stance, group with Wesley Pence, Randy Cheek
Louis Rebisso (1837-1899) Italian-born sculptor, statue of Benjamin Harrison in Piatt Park
Redmath (fl. 1984-89) New wave group
Dan Reed, singer, The Buddy Bradley Experience, promoter, WVXU personality
LA Reid (b. 1956) producer, exec at LaFace, Arista, Island Def Jam, Epic
Katie Reider (deceased) folk singer, songwriter, activist
Rob Reider, singer, entertainer, WLWT, Fun Bunch
Fritz Reiner (1888-1963) music director CCSO 1922-1931
Rhythm Addicts (fl. 1980-84) Oxford-based New Wave band
Harry Richman (1895-1972) entertainer and actor
Michael Riley (1940-2010) entrepreneur, WAIF radio personality
Ritalin (fl. 1987-89) quirky experimental band with Corbett Stepp, Mark Mounts
Homer Rodeheaver (1880-1955) singer, Gospel publisher, record exec, led session in 1921
Roy Rogers (1911-1998) singer, actor, “King of the Cowboys”
Walter B. Rogers (1865-1939) CCM grad, Sousa’s Band member, leader of Victor Orchestra
Karolyn Rose, first wife of Pete Rose, WKRCT personality
Pete Rose (b. 1941) baseball all-time hits king, discredited
Steven Rosen, journalist, historian, CityBeat
Francis Rosevear (1912-2010) composer, community musician, inventor
The Roy-Cliffs, keyboard duo, Gateway, Ci-Sum
Max Rudolf (1902-1995) CCSO music director 1958-1970, Decca Gold Label
Janice Rule (1931-2003) actress
Vivian “Vinyl” Rusche, singer, videographer, WKRCT, WLWT, We’re Just Like You
George Russell (1923-2009) jazz composer, theorist, educator
Elliott V. Ruther, head, Cincinnati Music Heritage Foundation
Bevo Ruzsa, singer of punk band Human Zoo (fl. 1985-1990), Hospital
Glenn “Skipper” Ryle (1927-1993) WCET and WKRCT
Jack Saatkamp (1897-1958) jazz pianist, bandleader, WLW, Gennett
The Sacred Mushroom (fl. 1969) psychedelic rock group led by the Goshorns
Sad Sam (fl. 1965) African-American stand-up comedian, recorded by James Brown
The Salivators, (fl. 1984-5) alt.rock group, led by Pete Frenzer, played JR’s
Gerhard Samuel (deceased), composer, conductor, educator at CCM
Allen Sapp (1922-1999) composer, Dean of CCM
Saucy Sylvia (b. 1921) pianist & entertainer, WLW
Thomas Schippers (1930-1977), conductor, music director CCSO 1970-1977
Al Schottelkotte (1927-1996) newsman, WCPO
Chris Schadler, drummer of Fairmount Girls
Henry Schradieck (1846-1918) violinist, CCM professor, CCSO concertmaster
Schwah (fl. 1988-89) key underground band, played Sudsy’s
Jim Scott, WSAI, WKRC radio host
Sea of Storms, underground band featuring Dave Rohs, Mark Milano
Rod Serling (1924-1975) author, screenwriter, host of “Twilight Zone,” Dumont writer
Shag (fl. Mid-1980s) underground band with Chris Donnelly, Mark Chenault
Mark Shafer, painter, performance artist, circuit bender
Colleen Sharp, singer, entertainer, WLWT, Fun Bunch
Gary Shell, engineer, WAIF radio host, entrepreneur
Bob Shreve (1912-1990) comedian, singer, host on WCPOT and WKRCT
Bonia Shur, composer
Itaal Shur, keyboardist, Grammy winning songwriter
Frank Simon (1889-1967) cornet virtuoso, founder of the Armco Band, Gennett
Jeanne Ezelle Simons (deceased), founder of The Clovernotes
Red Skelton (1913-1997) actor, comedian, TV star, WLW
Jimmie Skinner (1909-1979) singer, radio personality, entrepreneur
Sluggo (fl. 1984-6; reformed) definitive hardcore act, fronted by Julian Bevan
Kenny Smith, soul singer & funk pioneer, Fraternity
Larry Smith, puppeteer, TV children’s host, WCPOT, WXIX
Mamie Smith (1883-1946) blues singer, actress, first black woman to record blues
Marian Spelman (deceased) singer, entertainer, Fun Bunch, WLWT
Stephen Spielberg (b. 1946) film director, spent part of childhood in Cincinnati
Harry Spindler (1893-1961) jazz bandleader
Jerry Springer (b. 1944) discredited Cincinnati mayor, talk show host
SS-20 aka AK-47 (b. 1984?) longstanding punk band led by Robert “Jughead” Sturdevant
James William “Indian Bill” Stallard, aka Billy Starr (1913-1981) singer, WLW, King
Starstruck/RamJam (1974-77) successor to Lemon Pipers, national hit with “Black Betty”
Leopold Stokowski (1882-1977) music director CCSO 1909-1912, afterward with Philadelphia
Walter Susskind (1913-1980) music director CCSO 1977-1980
Martin Sweidel, composer, CCM alum
Mike Tangi (d. 1995), songwriter, singer, “The Kwik Brothers”
Sidney Ten Eyck (1904-1990) WLW, “Doodlesockers” program
The Thangs, (fl. 1984-1989) local rock group, single
Henry Theis (1890-1936) jazz bandleader; WLW, Gennett, RCA Victor
Throneberry (fl. 1984-1994) originally from Oxford; forerunners of the Afghan Whigs
Ruth Thum, singer with The Sunshine Party, Christian group with Rex Humbard
James Tocco, pianist, CCM professor
Steve Tracey, blues chronicler, author
Clyde Trask (fl. ca. 1946) bandleader, Radio Artist
Merle Travis (1917-1983) guitarist, composer, King Records, WLW
Oscar Treadwell (1926-2006) radio host “Jazz with OT” WGUC
Paul Trupin (1958-1992) singer, guitarist, leader of News/Fourth Estate
Twister (fl. 1984-87) underground band headed by Adam Smith; mentioned by The Fall
Leo Underhill, WNOP radio host
The Uninvited Guests (fl. 1987-91) alt.rock group
Us Too Group, garage band (1966-1969) Counterpart
Frank Van der Stucken (1858-1929) composer, first music director of CCSO 1895-1905
Vera-Ellen (1921-1981) actress, singer, dancer
Frank Vincent, jazz pianist, arranger
Larry Vincent (1900-1977) entertainer, composer, record exec & Dumont
Dick Von Hoene (1940-2004) producer, entertainer as “The Cool Ghoul,” WXIX
Kathy Wade, jazz singer, educator
Annie Wagner (d. 2013) radio personality “When Swing was King,” WVXU, WMKV
Bill Walters (b. 1932) singer, WLW entertainer, Fun Bunch, Candee, Jewel
Thomas “Fats” Waller (1904-1943) pianist, singer, composer, WLW
Ivory “Deek” Watson (1909-1969) tenor, tenor guitarist, WLW, future Ink Spot
William Gilmore Weber III, guitarist in Chrome Cranks, Murder Junkies
Weber’s Prize Band (fl. 1895-1920) brass band, Victor, Edison, Gennett
Zach Whyte, jazz banjoist, leader of the Chocolate Beau Brummels, Gennett
Dave Widow, blues guitarist, bandleader now resident in Los Angeles
Andy Williams (1927-2012) singer, Williams Bros., WLW
Daniel Williams, electronic musician, Art Damage co-founder, Damage Records
Ed Williams, entertainer, Applegate
Stanley “Fess” Williams (1894-1975) jazz clarinetist, bandleader, uncle of Charles Mingus
Hank Williams, Sr. (1923-1953) legendary country singer, recorded at Herzog
Otis Williams (b. 1936) lead singer of the Charms, producer, arranger King Records
Todd “T. Lothar” Witt, drummer Wolverton Bros, BPA
Frank Wood, Sr. (d. 1995) founder of WEBN
Frank Wood, Jr. executive at WEBN
Mary Wood, Cincinnati Post columnist, author, historian
Robin Wood, WEBN radio personality
The Wolverton Bros. (b. 1984) longstanding alternative rock group
Henry Worrall (1825-1902), nineteenth-century composer, guitarist and artist
Dale Wright (1938-2007) rock ‘n roll pioneer, DJ, leader of the Rock-It’s, Fraternity
Ruby Wright, singer, WLWT, Fun Bunch, King, Fraternity
Wussy, twenty-first century alt.rock group, Shake It Records
Ruth Wylie (1916-1989) composer
C. Spencer Yeh, improvising musician known as Burning Star Core
Rusty York, singer, engineer, founder of Jewel Records
York Brothers, singing duo, WLW, King Records
Eugène Ysaÿe (1858-1931) violinist, composer, music director CCSO 1918-1922, Columbia
Jenny Zeilman, singer/guitarist Croatan, publisher Ultrasounds

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets
Some label names duplicate that of other labels elsewhere, including some within the general
region, i.e. there was an Alco in Cincinnati and one in Dayton, and they were not related.

Adler Sock
The All Night Party (b. 2009) music licensing and production services company
All Time Country Hits
Another Record Store
The Apartment
Arc (label)
ARC (distributor)
Artists Recording
Avco Broadcasting
Baldwin Piano
Big 4 Hits
Big 6
BJ Record
Blue Grass Special
Brunswick (1927-1928)
Carr Productions
John Church Co.
Church of God
Cincinnati Records
Cincinnati Council
Cincinnati Oldies & Doo Wop Association (CODA)
Coast to Coast
Counterpart Creative
Country Corner
Country Label
Custom Fidelity
Deary Me
Dumont Television Network
Everybody’s Records (store)
Forum Recording
Gennett (1921-1934)
Great Scott
Great River
Group Effort
Hard Times
Hit Productions
House Guests
IT Verdin Company
Injoy Life
Jimmie Skinner Music
Jimmy Thompson Music
Justice Unlimited
KB’s Enter Prize
Kidd’s Bookstore
King Bluegrass
King Soul
Kings Highway
Library of Congress (1938)
Lil Roger
Lucky (Adco)
Mathias Bros. Trio
Mole’s Record Exchange (store)
New York Record Co.
Northside Music
Oh My
Ohio Phonograph Co. (1888-1897)
Okeh (1924)
Old Timer
Parade of Hits
WC Peters Co.
Radio Artist
Rodeheaver Records (aka Rainbow; 1921)
RCA Victor (1928-1930)
River Witch
Roosevelt Lee
RSM Recordings
S. Reece
Sea City
Seven Star
Shake It
Shaw Record Processing
Silver Star
Sons of Zion
Soul Town
Sovereign Grace
SR Production
Steamer Delta Queen
Subway Records (store)
The Brown Singers
The Cherry Fogg
The Harvest Chapel Singers
The Melody-Aires Quartet
The Representatives
The Wanted
Timbre Creek
Tip Toe
Tokyo Rose
Top Tunes
Toy Tiger
Tri City
Us Too
WCPO (i.e. WCPO radio)
We’re Just Like You
Willis Music
Wizard Records (store)
Wurlitzer Music


20th Century Theater
Aronoff Center
Art Academy of Cincinnati
Ault Park
Aunt Maudie’s
Beverly Hills Supper Club
The Black Dome
The Blue Wisp
CAGE Gallery
Castle Farm
Cincinnati Gardens
The Coliseum
Concerts in the Parks
Coney Island
Crosley Field
Crosley Square
Daniel’s Pub
Doyle’s Dancing Academy
Emery Theater
The Farm
Fountain Square
The Golden Triangle
Guys and Dolls
Jockey Club
Lakewood Tavern
Longworth Hall
Lookout House
Michael Lowe Gallery
Ludlow Garage
Mayura Restaurant
The Metro
Murphy’s Pub
Music Hall
Northside Tavern
Palace Theater
The Pit
The Plaza
Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton Co.: Main Library
Rake’s End
Riverfront Stadium
The Roundtable
Seasongood Pavilion, Eden Park
Shorty’s Underground
Southgate House
Southgate House Revival
Sudsy Malone’s
Taft Museum
Taft Theater
Toadstool Inn
Top Hat
Topper Club
The Underpass
University of Cincinnati: DAA
University of Cincinnati: Mr. Jim’s Steakhouse
University of Cincinnati: Patricia Corbett Auditorium
University of Cincinnati: Patricia Corbett Theater
University of Cincinnati: Rhine Room
WAIF studios
Washington Park
Xavier University

Initially this was just a list of WLW radio performers, but it evolved into one where everybody
gets under the tent. At first I was looking for people who’d had some impact outside of
Southwestern Ohio, but decided if they had made a significant contribution within, that was
worth documenting also. It is nowhere near complete.

What are the criteria here? If a person or band was born, educated and/or active in the
Cincinnatiarea, then that counts. If they performed here, but did not otherwise settle or produce
something tangible, no — it has to be significant to their career. For example, Sergei Rachmaninoff
appeared with the Cincinnati Symphony in 1910 as a guest, but the appearance by itself does not merit
inclusion; likewise Dick Clark was a frequent guest on the 50/50 Club, but this doesn’t count.
Although only briefly engaged by WLW, Eddie Albert performed on air in 1933; there is a
surviving recording of one of his broadcasts and Albert himself acknowledged that it was one of
his first jobs. So he’s in.

King Records maintained a studio in New York City in addition to the ones in Cincinnati, so for
an artist to be eligible they would have had to record in the Cincinnati studio. Also, recordings
from outside the local industry – defined as being southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky
(corridor between Newport, Lexington and Louisville) and southeastern Indiana – released on
local labels do not count. For example, Elder Charles D. Beck did release records on King
Records, but these were made for Gotham in Philadelphia. So they don’t pass muster, nor to
most artists on King’s subsidiaries such as Deluxe, Bethlehem, Audio Lab, etc.

It is worth noting that Cincinnati has long maintained at least some cultural crosstalk between
Dayton, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Columbus, OH; Louisville, KY; Chicago, IL and Kansas City,
MO; mainly through their related blues and jazz scenes. In the nineteenth century, Cincinnati had
strong ties with Louisville and Pittsburgh, PA through Stephen Foster and publisher W. C.
Peters, who had offices in both cities in addition to the main one in Cincinnati. Gennett Records
was located in Richmond, IN but from 1922-1934 many Cincinnati people passed through that
door. It may take a canvassing of the Starr Piano Company’s long recording ledger, and ruling
out people, to arrive at the answer, an additional project I am working on at present.

Of the companies list, most are record companies and most are small, many making only one
record via Rite, QCA, King or another local concern in the business of handling pressing jobs.
There is a lot of room for improvement and expansion here; the Cincinnati Gospel record
industry alone there are hundreds – maybe thousands — of additional acts and labels that need to
be accounted for. Also the source for this is a singles list; there is no resource I know of for
albums produced in Cincinnati. Not all groups that made records in Cincinnati were actually
based in the region, so such research must be handled with care. The venues list is still very
short, and mainly geared towards establishments that are now defunct; some help here would be
appreciated, as I find I cannot remember names of places that I worked, played or ran sound at.
One proposal I have been working on for about a year is a public monument – a large wall
painting, for example – to the most famous persons in our media community. My first list came
up with just 24 names. This list causes me to rethink that concept; perhaps it would be desirable
to get as many faces up on that wall as possible, grouped by professional relationship, with the
largest faces being the most famous people (Doris Day, James Brown, etc.). Then you could
publish this list as a guidebook to the faces. And/or it could become the basis for an encyclopedia
of Cincinnati performers and publishers, which would be desirable also.
Uncle Dave Lewis
Lebanon, OH

Region II Miami Valley: Montgomery, Green, Preble, Clarke, Darke, Miami, Champaign, Shelby, Logan,
Auglaize, Mercer, Allen. Major cities: Dayton, Springfield, Xenia, Kettering, Bellefontaine, Celina,
Greenville, Sidney, Piqua, Urbana, Wapakoneta, Yellow Springs

The Bittersweets (1965-69) all girl band from Dayton, briefly resident in Cincinnati
Theodore “Wingie” Carpenter (1898-1975) jazz trumpeter with Zack Whyte
Herman Chittison (1908-1967) jazz pianist, started with Chocolate Beau Brummels
Chocolate Beau Brummels (fl. 1929-30) black jazz band led by Zach Whyte, Gennett
Dementia Precox (1980-1990) Dayton-based industrial group headed by Gyn Cameron (d. 2011)
Orville “Hoppy” Jones (1902-1944), bass, bassist, WLW, future Ink Spot
Henry Lange (1896-1990), pianist, composer, bandleader, Gennett, Edison
Donald Mills (1915-1999) singer with The Mills Brothers
Harry Mills (1913-1982) singer with The Mills Brothers
Herbert Mills (1912-1989) singer and guitarist with The Mills Brothers
John Mills, Jr. (1910-1936) lead singer of The Mills Brothers
The Mills Brothers (1928-1936) vocal group from Piqua, WLW
Syd Nathan (1904-1968) entrepreneur, founder of King Records
Sy Oliver (1910-1988) pianist, bandleader, arranger, started with the Chocolate Beau Brummels
Rod Serling (1924-1975) author, screenwriter, host of “Twilight Zone,” Dumont writer
Harry Spindler (1893-1961) jazz bandleader
Ivory “Deek” Watson (1909-1969) tenor, tenor guitarist, WLW, future Ink Spot
Zach Whyte, jazz banjoist, leader of the Chocolate Beau Brummels, Gennett

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets


Region III Toledo: Williams, Fulton, Defiance, Henry, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert, Lucas, Ottawa, Wood,
Sandusky, Seneca, Hancock, Wyandot, Crawford, Hardin, Marion, Morrow. Major cities: Toledo, Lima,
Fremont, Marion, Findlay, Bucyrus, Defiance, Tiffin, Van Wert

Thomas Alva Edison (1842-1931) playback inventor, telegrapher in Cincinnati 1862-69

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets


Region IV Cleveland: Erie, Huron, Lorain, Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula. Major cities: Cleveland,
Parma, Lorain, Elyria, Lakewood, Cuyahoga Falls, Euclid, Norwalk, Oberlin

J. Walter De Vaux (1892-1952) Masonic organist, record exec, composer

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets


Region v Akron-Youngstown: Medina, Summit, Portage, Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Richland, Ashland,
Wayne, Stark, Tuscarawus, Carroll. Major cities: Akron, Youngstown, Ashland, Canton, Mansfield, East
Liverpool-Salem, New Philadelphia-Dover, Wooster

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets


Region VI Columbus: Union, Delaware, Knox, Madison, Franklin, Licking, Pickaway, Fairfield, Perry,
Morgan, Noble, Muskingum, Coshocton, Fayette. Major cities: Columbus, Delaware, Circleville, Newark,
Dublin, Coshocton, Mount Vernon, Washington Court House, Zanesville

Homer Rodeheaver (1880-1955) singer, Gospel publisher, record exec, led Cincinnati session in 1921
Sammy Stewart (1891-1960) Bandleader, Vocalion, Paramount


Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets

Region VII Marietta: Jefferson, Harrison, Guersney, Belmont, Monroe, Washington, Meigs, Athens, Hocking,

Vinton, Jackson, Galia, Lawrence, Ross, Pike, Scioto. Major cities: Marietta, Portsmouth, Chillicothe, Athens, Cambridge

Lloyd Estal “Cowboy” Copas (1913-1963) singer, WLW, WKRC, King Records
Roy Rogers (1911-1998) singer, actor, “King of the Cowboys”

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets


Region VIII Northern Kentucky: Boone, Kenton, Campbell, Bracken, Mason, Lewis, Greenup. Major cities:
Covington, Newport, Erlanger, Maysville, Ashland, Augusta

Adrian Belew (b. 1949) guitarist, member of King Crimson, The Bears
Bob Braun (1929-2001) singer, many records, host for WLWT, radio personality
Betty Clooney (1931-1976) singer, WLW, member of Clooney Sisters
George Clooney (b. 1961) actor, director, WKRCT personality (in adolescence)
Nick Clooney (b. 1935) singer, TV host, newsman, WCPO & WKRCT
Nina Clooney, WKRCT personality
Rosemary Clooney (1928-2002) jazz singer, actress, member of Clooney sisters
The Clooney Sisters (1944-1950) Rosemary & Betty, with Tony Pastor, Columbia Records
Haven Gillespie (1888-1975) composer, entrepreneur
Cliff Lash (deceased), pianist, leader 50/50 club band, Fun Bunch
The New Lime, garage band from N. Ky., Counterpart
The Outcasts, psych group from Ashland, Ky.
Kenny Price (1931-1987) country singer, entertainer, Boone, Fraternity, WLWT

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets



Region IX West Virginia: Ohio. Major cities: Wheeling

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets


Region X Indiana: Wayne. Major cities: Richmond

Cal Collins (1933-2001) jazz guitarist, Benny Goodman Sextet

Listing of record labels, studios and other non-print media outlets


Region XI All Other Regions

Jerri Adams (b. 1930) singer, Fraternity, Columbia Records
Cathy Carr (1936-1988) singer, Fraternity, Coral, Smash etc., never resident

3 thoughts on “Preliminary Ohio Entertainment Superlist

  1. Hi Mr Lewis, thanks so much for a wonderful talk on Aug 13 and congratulations on your wedding. I had a few artists to consider for addition to your database. The old Cory’s gang – H Bomb Ferguson, Pigmeat Jarrett, etc., and blues pianists Cheryl Renee and Joe Duskin.
    There are dozens of local jazz musicians, many are educators and have recorded and toured internationally, and/or backed up big name musicians:
    Drummer Art Gore
    Pianists Erwin Stuckey, William Menefield, and Billy Larkin
    Vocalist Mandy Gaines
    Trumpeter Mike Wade
    Percussionist Eugene Goss
    Trombonist Marc Fields

    looking forward to the next lecture

    1. Thank you Sue, for attending and contributing this valuable comment. I am surprised I left out Pigmeat, as I heard him play many times, at least once at Cory’s, but also at WAIF where I helped engineer a live broadcast of his. I first met Billy Larkin more than 30 years ago. Will revise! But of course, that is the reason to open this list up, as I need others to help me whip it in to shape and to make it truly comprehensive. Hope to see you Wednesday. Uncle Dave Lewis

  2. I’ve got all of those names into the master record, which will be updated here directly. Also I’ve added a few more, mainly groups that these folks were involved in. One unpublished part of this list is a section that deals with Dayton musicians; I just added the recently broken up Guided By Voices to that list.

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